Data Visualization of Seattle Construction Hotspots

In the winter of 2014 I created a data visualization of Seattle’s “hottest” neighborhoods when it came to the construction of new housing using a program called Tableau. Using methods in Microsoft Excel that I learned in a data journalism course, I filtered down a list of Seattle’s current permitting applications to only view the entries that were approved and that were being used as places of residency. This was my first time telling a visual story with data and the project opened my eyes to the wealth of data sources available in the public domain and the potential stories hiding within them.


Interactive version available here.


Website for Foggy Valley Winery

After working at a wine tasting room over the summer of 2014, I connected with a winery named Foggy Valley that was seeking somebody to put together a website for their brand. Building on the WordPress skills that I was introduced to with the Globalist, I built up a website from a basic template that I chose with the client. I set up a web server with a third party and used a SFTP client to customize the look of the site. This taught me the basics of efficient client communication and how to organize the main elements of a basic website.